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Schalen von celandine bei Psoriasis

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Join us on LinkedIn! Join us on Facebbook! Follow Us on See more Schalen von celandine bei Psoriasis therapeutic purposes, using the whole plant, but is more common ground part. Grass Celandine harvested during the flowering period, dried in the shade, in attics, under a canopy.

Preferably use according to the recipes recommended in some cases medical supervision. Today celandine is very popular and is a powerful tool for the treatment of many diseases. It consists of about 20 toxic substances acting detrimental to Schalen von celandine bei Psoriasis pathogens and bacteria. It is Schalen von celandine bei Psoriasis in the application of celandine observe the recommended dosage, as when it is exceeded, can be a variety of side effects.

Celandine used to treat asthma, gastritis, pulmonary tuberculosis, cough, Schalen von celandine bei Psoriasis cough, allergies, angina, inflammation of the colon, stomach ulcers and duodenal ulcers, UFO und Psoriasis in the stomach and intestines, stomach cancer, ulcerativecolitis. It is also used as a cholagogue in the presence of liver disease, gall bladder and bile ducts, cholelithiasis, rheumatic joint pain, hepatitis.

For this purpose, Schalen von celandine bei Psoriasis ingested. Infusion of celandine is used as a diuretic for the treatment of hydrocephalus, papillomatosis of the bladder, diseases of the joints, gout, rheumatism, arthritis, painful menstruation.

He also found a use for increasing lactation in nursing mothers, in menopause with hot flashes. In ulcerative colitis, polyps infusion into the celandine is used in some cases it is combined with sage, horsetail, St. After the enema is microclyster, then put the candle out of the ointment.

There are douching with belyah, Trichomonas coleitis, cervical erosion, prostatitis. Broth is used for the washing of wounds, ulcers and other skin damage. They can wash the head with abundant dandruff and in the case of hair loss. From juice prepared lotions used for psoriasis, Schalen von celandine bei Psoriasis erythematosus, scabies, herpes, itching, fungal diseases, tumors, ulcers, tuberculosis and skin cancer.

Restorative effect is a bath of broth celandine, which are used in the case of metabolic disorders, itching, diathesis, scrofula, rash, psoriasis, scabies, pustular skin lesions in boys and others. Pounded swine internal fat crushed leaves are taken at a ratio of one part of the leaf 5 parts fat, used for the treatment of psoriasis, skin tuberculosis, scabies, warts. A good remedy for herpes is the juice of celandine, they cauterize polyps, warts, condyloma, corn.

To get rid of a toothache is applied cotton swab dipped in tincture of celandine. Let stand 30 minutes and strain. For the preparation of a weak infusion link celandine 1 tspherbs pour one cup of boiling water.

The concentrated tincture is obtained by taking 1 cup boiling water 1 tablespoongrass. Take just as weak infusion. Did you enjoy this article? Popular Posts Sage infertility in women Aloe useful properties Oak bark miracle cure Aloe application and health benefits Useful properties of black locust in medicine.


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